Debt Recovery

It is an inconvenience and a drain on cash flow when customers do not pay their bills on time. All businesses benefit from early collection of money owing. A good cash flow system is an essential factor to ensure success. Release your valuable time and leave Debt Recovery to the professionals.

We work in partnership with you as a trusted, outsourced third party to recover either small or bulk debts. As an outsider to your business we can :-

  • step up the pressure on your customer where it may be difficult or inappropriate for you to do so
  • defuse awkward situations without you being involved
  • preserve your relationship with good customers by pursuing the debt firmly but tactfully

What does it cost?

You retain control of each step of the proceedings. We will not incur any costs without your consent. Costs are kept to a minimum and certain costs are recoverable from the debtor provided they settle the debt in full. The transparent fee structure ensures you know the final cost before deciding to take action in pursuing a debt.

Will we have to go to court?

Other organisations can send letters demanding payment, but should your debtor dispute the debt or refuse to pay, only a firm of solicitors will have the expertise and experience to prepare a claim, go to court and obtain a judgment.

Landlord Debt Recovery Service

Breens Solicitors Southport and Waterloo can help landlords recover rent arrears debts from their tenants by a number of different methods.

Our specialist landlord debt recovery team will evaluate your situation and give you advice on the best and most cost effective way of recovering rental arrears.

If the tenant is still occupying your property we can issue a letter before action or an eviction notice.

If the tenant has left your property, we can trace the tenant with our debtor tracing service.  Once we trace the tenant, we can apply to the court for an attachment of earnings or get a charging order or, if appropriate, issue a bankruptcy demand.

If the tenant still fails to pay the rent owing, we will instruct bailiffs on your behalf.

Renting a property is an investment and it is important that you protect that investment, so don’t go to the debt recovery agencies, come direct to debt recovery solicitors.  Call us today on 01704 532 890 to see how we can help recover rental arrears.

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