Case Studies

Local Man Receives £7250 following Motorbike Accident

Christopher a local gentleman from Southport was knocked off his motorbike on a busy stretch of road from Ormskirk to Southport. Christopher was left with a fractured thumb. Breens managed to get the Defendant insurers to admit fault and obtained a payment from them in the sum of £7250.00 for both his injury and financial loss.

Local Woman Receives Compensation from MIB

Rebecca a local lady from Southport was knocked off her bicycle on a busy town centre roundabout. The Defendant left the scene and did not provide Rebecca with any details, so her claim was handled by the Motor Insurers Bureau Agreement for Untraced drivers. Rebecca was left with a fractured wrist and pain to her back and shoulders. She could not continue her studies to qualify as a Nurse and her studies had to be placed on hold. Breens managed to get the Motor Insurers Bureau to admit fault for Rebecca’s accident and they awarded her £5000.00 for both her injury and financial loss.

Leicester Lady Receives Compensation after Car Accident

Sarah was involved in a rear end accident that happened at speed and was not her fault. It left her with a shoulder injury that did not resolve. Breens Solicitors obtained payments that allowed her to have the surgery she required privately and achieve a good recovery. The anxiety she suffered made it difficult to return to driving and further payments were sought to enable her to have counselling and regain her confidence. The final award made to her was in the total of £25,000.


Taxi Driver in Road Accident Recovers Lost Earnings

Peter was driving his own car when he was hit to the side with such force that the vehicle was written off. He suffered whiplash injuries and was left without a vehicle for his work as a taxi driver. Breens Solicitors helped him to get back to work in a hired vehicle and to recover payments that enabled him to buy a new taxi. Whilst he was unable to work he suffered financial loss and this was reflected in the final compensation figure of £12,750.


Young Man Receives Compensation after Football Injury

When Sam joined a local football team he did not expect to suffer injury. Whilst playing he unfortunately tripped in a hole within the Astroturf falling forward and suffering damage to his teeth. Whilst the teeth were fortunately repaired he was left with a cosmetic discolouration which may require treatment. Breens Solicitors brought a claim against the Council involved and secured a settlement on his behalf in the sum of £5,750.


Child Tripping Claim Results in Compensation

Little Patrick aged 7 was playing with friends near his home when a fence post left in a unsafe position fell onto his foot causing a crushing injury that stopped him from playing football for some weeks. The foot was fractured but has been successfully treated and hopefully there will be no long term problems. The team at Breens pursued a claim and the award of £4,000 will be invested until Patrick is 18 years old when it will hopefully give him a good financial start to his adulthood.


Accident at Work Results in Compensation

Gemma was following the procedures in which she had been trained when a colleague ignored those procedures and heavy equipment fell onto her hand. She suffered an injury that left her unable to use her dominant hand properly for some months and had to adapt to using only one hand. Breens worked on her behalf to obtain treatment and compensation for her injury of £12,500.


Low Speed Accidents can Cause Injury

The Defendants insurers accepted that in the case of a local Southport lady she did suffer an injury to her back that aggravated a condition she already had even though the accident was a minor rear end shunt at low speed. The team at Breens ensured that her physiotherapy was paid for privately and she received £1,500 compensation.