ITV Special focuses on how to safeguard the elderly

ITV’s Tonight special 'Elderly Theft: Robbing the Relatives' (first broadcast 30 November 2017) highlighted how Powers of Attorney can be abused and how legal professionals can help prevent abuse.

If you missed it, you’ll find the link here

Powers of Attorney are a useful tool to help those who for reasons of mental or physical disability can no longer manage their own financial affairs. 

There are now more than 2.6 million registered Lasting and Enduring Powers of Attorney. And, with an ever ageing population, this number is likely to increase.

Solicitors for the Elderly Chief Executive, Caroline Bielanska, spoke to the Tonight Programme to highlight the importance of seeking legal advice to get the right safeguards in place.

Solicitors for the Elderly has also produced a guide to the risks of preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney without taking profession advice.  You can find more details here:

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