Work Accidents

If you have been involved in an accident when you were working you may not know whether you can make a claim or be worried that if you make a claim it will create a problem with your employment.

We are Specialist Solicitors and can give you advice so that you can make a decision about whether you should make an accident claim.

Even if you were not at your actual workplace or think that you were partially to blame you still may be able to make an accident claim.

Employers, Contractors, Land and Work Site owners all have strict responsibilities in law that mean they are responsible for injury suffered in accidents including

  • Unsafe and defective equipment;
  • Unsafe working conditions;
  • Unsafe systems of work;
  • Unsafe routes in buildings
  • Lifting heavy items;
  • Falls from height – downstairs and in work;
  • Failing to provide protective equipment
  • Failing to provide training
  • The acts of other employees

Contact us on 01704 532890 and we will advise free of charge if you can make an accident claim. Our friendly staff can also help you to:

  • arrange treatment for you at no cost
  • recover financial loss including earnings
  • make a claim for injury compensation
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